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For anything but the simplest of math, calculators are the easy and fast way to go about getting results. Whether it's adding up your bills for the month of calculating exactly how many pixels you have left over once the banner and the sidebar are put into the webpage, the simple calculator is a useful tool. OS X comes with its own calculator and while it is perfect for quick and dirty math, it leaves a lot to be desired for more complex equations. On the other side of things, complex calculators are often a pain when you only need to do simple things. As a result, I ended up using two calculators, depending on how much power I needed, but I have finally found one single program that I can use for both tasks, called Wcalc.


I just wanted to write to say thank you for this great utility. I think you did a great job in developing lightweight extremely functional calculator. Wcalc is what Apple's included calculator should have been if they really understood what their customers wanted out of this type of utility.
Matthew Orzewalla, July 9, 2007


I was looking for a good and light calculator for Linux, and found some command line ones, I liked this one wcalc it is really light, and accept almost all mathematical expressions, and I say "almost" because I do not want to say that are all and make a mistake. ggarron (full article) April 08, 2008

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